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Our company offers an extensive selection of services, one of which is the installation of multiple heater models, including both gas and tankless options. In addition, we perform numerous repairs for all heater and plumbing needs. We also won't overlook the need for regular upkeep on every one of our services.

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Our firm provides a wide range of services, among them being the installation of various heater models, encompassing both gas and tankless varieties. Moreover, we specialize in conducting repairs for all heater and plumbing requirements. Furthermore, we prioritize the importance of regular maintenance for all our services.

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Tankless Water Heater

What are the advantages of an instant hot water heater

Efficiency and Energy Savings : Plumbing for water heaters Houston installs high efficiency tankless water heaters. Instant hot water heaters only heat water when it's needed, in contrast to conventional water heaters that heat and store water continually. Over time, this on demand heating method conserves quite a bit of energy by consuming less electricity.

Endless Hot Water Supply : With our Instant Hot Water Heaters, you can experience the comfort of never ending hot water. Unfortunately, traditional tank water heaters may run out of hot water during busy times. Immediate hot water heaters offer an ongoing and unlimited supply of hot water due to their on demand heating feature. Larger households or commercial areas where hot water demand fluctuates throughout the day can benefit most from this function.

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Space Saving Design : Space effectiveness is a key consideration in the design of our instant hot water heaters. Tankless water heaters are small and can be installed in a variety of spaces, such as closets or even on walls, in contrast to massive, bulky typical water heaters with large storage tanks. In addition to offering installation flexibility, this environment saving design makes a living or working space cleaner and more organized.

Long Term Cost Savings : For long term financial savings, getting an instant hot water heater from Morgan Water Heater Houston is a wise decision. Even though tankless water heaters may initially cost more than traditional water heaters, over time they save a lot of money due to their lower energy usage and longer lifespan. Our installations are done precisely, so you are going to benefit from a trustworthy and affordable hot water supply.


What our clients say

The washing drain line is clogged. I called the service and got it done at the same day. The tech is professional. It took an hour to get it fixed ✅ The cost is reasonable. Highly recommended!!!!

Matthew Perkins

Wonderful service! I was in a panic to find a plumber for my water heater, and Guy came and fixed it. He also found a leak in the bathroom below the attic and fixed that too, all for a great price! I highly recommend! I can’t say how grateful I am for a great plumber. Thank you!

Elizabeth Johnson

Morgan Water Heater Houston did a fantastic job installing a home tankless water heater at my residence. These guys do very professional,and affordable work.

Walter Knight
Water Heater Installation

How to {replace water heater in Houston}

Turn Off Utilities : Switching off the utilities attached to a water heater is crucial before trying to replace one. If your water heater is electrical power, turn off the gas or unplug the power. Additionally, shut off the heater's water supply. Taking this step ensures your safety while replacing it.

Drain the Tank : Initially empty the current water heater tank. Attach a hose to the drain valve and point it towards an appropriate drainage location. To let the water out, open the valve. By taking this precaution, you can reduce the water heater's weight and avoid spills when removing it. Give the tank enough time to empty entirely.

Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Replacement

Disconnect and Remove Old Unit : Cut off the plumbing and electrical connections after the tank is empty. Cut the gas line on a gas water heater. Make certain that the old water heater is unplugged from all utilities before removing it with care. Make a plan for recycling or appropriately disposing of the old unit in accordance with local laws.

Install New Water Heater : Make that the new water heater satisfies all local building codes and safety standards before positioning it in the allotted space. Connect the electrical and plumbing parts according with the manufacturer's instructions. For gas water heaters, establish a good gas line connection. Turn on the water supply and fill the tank after verifying that all connections are tight. Lastly, turn back the gas or energy source and keep an eye out for any signs of leaks or strange ties in the system, connect with us.


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